[AndroidGuys] The smart, simple Tomi File Manager is here [APP of the Day]


ImageWhen it comes to apps, I like to try as much of the new ones as I can, but usually don’t keep them around for very long. I do, however, get very excited when there is an app that does a better job than an app I currently have, including note-taking, camera apps, messaging apps, file manager apps… A big emphasis on that last one because there really hasn’t been one I truly like.

Until today.

Welcome to Tomi File Manager, the smart and simple app that catalogs every file on your phone for quick and easy navigation, and it has a nice, simple main menu. I lot of the top file manager apps I see on the Play Store still bear the look of the Gingerbread days, and that just doesn’t work for me. Tomi File Manager has the modern flat look to it which is a huge win by itself. But what I love about this app is how easy it is to get to all your music, pictures, videos, docs, other downloads and even apps, and it’ll even show you your disk space on the main screen, instead of going to your phone’s storage settings


Yes, this app shows you all your apps where you can simply check as many as you want and then hit the uninstall button. Never again will I go to my app drawer to clean out the dozen apps I never use. Beneath the main menu here, we have the Directory, which is simply the main browser of all your files, including the folders containing them on your hard drive or micro sd.

Tomi File Manager is a fine app, and it’s one that’ll be staying on my phone as my main file explorer. Check it out with the link below

Read more: http://www.androidguys.com/2014/05/29/smart-simple-tomi-file-manager-app-day/#ixzz33jTzmRah
Download Tomi File Manager for Android

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