[kickedface]Tomi File Manager App Brings Image Preview, Root Capabilities, and More

A New app called Tomi File Manager has recently become my new favorite, kudos to its simple interface. The app gives quick access to music, pictures, videos, documents and apps, and lets you remove multiple applications in one go.


Tomi File Manager has been developed by XDA-Developers forum member uuOuu who has hosted the APK file. After downloading the file (link provided below) you can install and begin using it right away. In case you download it to your computer, you can side load it to your phone and install from there or now he is uploaded the app on Google Play Store so you can download it from there. Link are below the article.
Tomi File Manager also has a really handy built-in uninstaller that you can use to quickly remove installed applications without leaving the app first, or having to install an additional tool for the purpose. One of the main grips Tomi File Manager also takes care of this by letting you remove apps in bulk. To do that, navigate to Apps screen and mark the ones you need to remove. Now tap the tick button at top left to initiate uninstall process and now it also support Root
Capabilities. Source : XDA

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